Monday, September 10, 2007

First Line Gear

Hey Ya'll

Sorry there are no pictures this week. We had a technical difficulty I shot my roommates camera with my paint ball gun. So when we fix it the water entry will come up.

This week is devoted to your first line gear. A term used in the military for what is in immediate reach of you, on your belt, in pockets and your hands. And must be able to keep you alive for a week.

Your gear should consist of:
1. Swiss Army knife
2. Camel Pack
3. First aid kit
4. Belt (can be used for many needs)
5. Mirror or any reflective piece of glass

Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting Started

Hi ya'll my name is Garrick and you have found my blog.
First of all I am a senior at the University of Arizona who will be graduating in December.
Enough about me. This blog is intended to teach ya'll how to stay alive and walk out (if possible) of the desert if you become lost, injured or stranded. I will be placing myself into situations that arise out here in Sonoran Desert. Not only will I write about what I am doing, but I will also post videos to better show how to find things such as water. When trying to survive in a desert environment keeping an open mind and the willingness to do whatever it takes is the most important part in avoiding death.
Remember I do know what I am doing, and I will never be alone on any of the entries.

So I hope ya'll get a lot out of this and never are placed into any of the situations. Thanks for reading.

Here is a site to help ya'll survive.